Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines

The Philippines have not one, but two of the Worlds top locations to swim with the Majestic Whale Shark.

New Year, New Life

In our final blog of 2017, we look forward to the New Year and embrace change. 2018 can be anything you want it to be. Start a new life plan and dare to dream

Top 7 Places to live in Bangkok

There are few places on earth that get the pulse racing like Bangkok. And its this buzz and excitement which is attracting more visitors to stay. So just where are expats choosing to live in the ‘City of Angels’

Buying a Condo in Thailand

You’ve found your dream location in Thailand. Now you want to own a little bit of paradise. What are the key considerations to buying a condo in the Land of Smiles.

Opening a bank account in Thailand

For anyone planning a long stay or retirement in Thailand, opening a bank account is one of the first things that needs to be done. In this weeks blog we outline how to open an account, and which banks might be best suited to you


Making Friends in Borneo

Borneo, the World’s third largest island, is home to Malaysia’s largest mountain, 140 million year old rainforests, stunning coral reefs and a vast array of unique wildlife from Orang-Utans to Proboscis Monkeys. Its nature at its very best and most breathtaking.


Perfect Palawan

A regular winner of Time + Leisure Magazines ‘World’s Best Island’, Palawan in the Philippines is breathtakingly beautiful, and as close to perfection on earth as you’re likely to find. In this week’s blog we explore this magical location.

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Sukhumvit – Bangkok’s Entertainment Heart

Bangkok is one of the World’s most exciting and vibrant cities, and Sukhumvit is without doubt its entertainment heart. We explore where to stay, what to see and what to do in this melting pot of sights and sounds.

Chilling out in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is the perfect beachside getaway from the hustle and bustle of nearby Saigon. It’s also a very popular retirement and long stay destination for many Australian’s, who enjoy its incredibly low cost of living and wonderful chilled out atmosphere