Daily Life As An Expat in SE Asia

Expat in SE Asia

Ever wonder what island life is like as an expat? This is my own personal experience of a living life as an expat in Phuket, Thailand for 6 months. I’d do it again, but next time will be much longer.

Take a Seniors Gap Year in SE Asia

Take A Seniors Gap Year in SE Asia

A move to SE Asia does not need be permanent, nor daunting. Why not take it easy at first. Consider a ‘Seniors Gap Year’. It’s like an extended year-long holiday. It may be just what you needed.

Panglao Island Philippines – A Great Spot in SE Asia to Retire

Pangloa Island Philippines

Nestled in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines is the smallish island of Panglao. It’s been a popular local tourist destination for a while now. International tourism is slowly catching up along with an increasing number of expats starting to call this place home.

Save money – have more fun in Retirement in SE Asia

Fun In Retirement

Sitting on the fence whether to make SE Asia your home for a few years? This article expands on the concept of looking at SE Asia as an investment strategy, by highlighting some useful cost differences between ‘home’ and SE Asia. The financials really do stack up. Oh, and it’s in the tropics with great beaches, warm waters and climate and relaxed and friendly people and so much more. Sounds awful.

Living in Asia As An Investment

Living in SE Asia

Consider living in SE Asia as an investment strategy for early retirement or to limit spending until the Age Pension kicks in. If you own your home, moving to SE Asia can be an ideal option. Enjoy the relaxed tropical climate all year round. Read this article for more information.

A Tale of Two Cities – Hua Hin to Pattaya

Thailand Hua Hin to Pattaya

This week we take a look at two amazing Thai cities that offer very different ex-pat experiences. We travelled from Hua Hin to Pattaya for the last week of our trip to Thailand. In my opinion, it’s worth visiting both. Although I understand why some will turn their noses up at Pattaya.

Driving Through the Thai Countryside – Phuket to Hua Hin

Driving through the Thailand countryside

Why not hire a car and take a road trip through Thailand from Hua Hin (Bangkok) to Phuket? The roads are excellent, the scenery incredible, and the people are hospitable. There is lots to see and do as you experience heartland of Thailand. 

Back in Thailand – What’s New?

Drinks on the beach

Back in Thailand again after my last trip back in February. Things have changed since then. Thailand is back to normal as is most of the world. There is one change though that I didn’t see coming, and it’s EVERYWHERE.

The Philippines – Two Lesser Travelled Destinations

Romblon Philippines

I love being in the Philippines. For me, it’s kind of like two countries in one. There are the main cities and central hubs for each region and the main tourist spots. Think Boracay (boy has that place changed since I was first there 18 years ago), then there is ‘everywhere else’.

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