Some funds will not pay out a claim if you are permanently living overseas, making your insurance cover worthless

Personal Insurance within Retail and Industry Superannuation Funds

If you have insurance through your super fund(s) it’s best to check the policy before you leave.

There are four types of personal insurances that can be found within a retail or industry super fund: 

Type of CoverDescription
LifeLump sum payable on death of the life insured
Total and permanent disability (TPD)Lump sum payable, should you be deemed never to be able to re-join the workforce again
Income protectionAgreed income paid periodically while you are deem not to be able to work
TraumaLump sum payable if a pre-described medical condition occurs

Please Note: from 01 July 2014 trauma cover, own occupation TPD and some ancillary benefits (for TPD and income protection) will no longer be allowed within super funds. However, those that have existing cover in place that falls outside these new rules will be allowed to retain this cover within their super fund until the existing policy lapses.

Having personal insurance can be a great financial safety net should an ‘insurable event’ occur. But how many of us truly understand their insurance policy?

Policies within super funds can be slightly different than if you were to seek a policy yourself. It’s understanding these difference that can save you should you need to make a claim.

We’re always here to help

We recommend that you contact your super fund and, in writing, have them answer a few relevant questions.

Retire to Asia can help you understand the potential differences between policies within and outside of superannuation, and can help with understanding what questions to ask and the best way to ask those questions. 

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please feel free to call 1800-961-377 or email in**@re**********.au and let the team at Retire to Asia help make your dream lifestyle a reality.

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