Postcard from Kuala Lumpur

Andrew Leeson


Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Arriving into KL is a breeze. The airport is spacious and far from crowded. We catch the KLIA Express into the city and are soon settled into the bustling heart of this pulsating metropolis of 1.67 million people. The Malaysian capital sometimes gets mixed press, but we found it to be dynamic and captivating, with surprises around every corner. 

The Future

With talk of upgrading U-Tapao Airport, building a high speed rail link to Bangkok, the construction of new shopping centres, family amusement parks and even cleaning up the beachfront, Pattaya continues to evolve into an increasingly attractive destination for those retirees who enjoy being in the heart of the action.

Bukit Bintang

We choose as our base the entertainment hub of Bukit Bintang, which is serviced by a highly efficient monorail from Sentral, and has a fantastic range of shopping, bars, cafes and restaurants right on its doorstep. Whether you’re visiting KL for a few days or planning to stay for a longer period, you’ll find the city offers an endless source of opportunities to tantalise your senses.

Jalan Alor

One street back from our hotel is the wondrous Jalan Alor, where the very best of Malaysia’s street food can be found. Stalls line the road, providing a vast array of mouth-watering delicacies. And for those seeking a drink or two, the bars along nearby Changkat Bukit Bintang will satisfy the most savage of thirsts.


A short walk away are the highly impressive Petronas Towers, which sit amongst the huge KLCC shopping centre and gardens. This structure dominates the skyline and offers superb views of the city, and its surrounds. At night, thousands wander around the area, viewing the multi-coloured dancing fountains, listening to live music and dining at the multitude of dining venues catering to every taste and budget. 

petronas twin towers malaysia

Melting Pot

KL, like many Asian cities, is a contrast of old and new. The city has pockets which pay homage to its Colonial past, districts which are home to its very distinctive population, together with numerous beautiful temples and natural wonders, such as the Batu Caves. There’s a lively expat community, which reside in an around the main city centre, and close to nearby Bangsar. And its easy to see why people enjoy living in this exciting city, which not only has great food and entertainment, but also has high quality healthcare and excellent transport links to Australia and throughout the region.


Malaysia offers a very attractive 10 year Retirement Visa, called ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ (MM2H). Retire to Asia are proud to announce that we are the Australian and New Zealand representative for the highly respected Malaysian based ‘Expat Group’ who specialise in processing MM2H visa’s for foreigners.

Malaysia Australia New Zealand Association (MANZA)

We are also delighted to have established contacts with MANZA, who are based in KL and offer excellent information and support for those expats planning to stay for the longer term in the country.

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please feel free to call 1800-961-377 or email in**@re**********.au and let the team at Retire to Asia help make your dream lifestyle a reality.

Andrew Leeson

Andrew Leeson

Over 20 years of experience helping people live a better life in SE Asia. Having worked in financial services in Asia I understand the challenges when moving to and living in a new country. I have travelled extensively throughout the region and experienced what SE Asia has to offer to retirees.

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