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Have you ever considered living in SE Asia in Retirement? Even for a few short years? If so, you have probably wondered what this move would mean to you financially. The Retire to Asia calculator will answer some very important financial questions and will allow you to be more aware of what such a move may mean to you financially.

We hope that it will be a tool to help you in deciding how to plan for your retirement. The Retire to Asia calculator allows you to compare up to 90 Australian and SE Asian destinations. If your specific destination is not listed as an option, please choose a similar option to obtain a result closest to your specific circumstances.

You will be asked to input some information on property, insurance and financial goals. 

By filling in these details the outcome will be closely aligned to your specific set of retirement goals. Further, by altering these various inputs, you will be able to test various retirement scenarios and see which one best suit your dream retirement in Asia.

At the end save and/or download the outcome as a PDF document.
At a minimum, we just hope that you have some fun with it. Enjoy!

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