Top 7 Places to Live in Bangkok

Andrew Leeson


Best Places to Live in Bangkok

As one of the World’s most popular destinations, it’s hardly surprising some visitors to Bangkok are in no rush to leave. And as you’d expect in a metropolis of over 10 million people, you’re going to find a wide range of accommodation options at all price points, spread out throughout this fantastic, vibrant city.

Naturally over the years expats have started to congregate in certain favoured areas. Sometimes this is driven by location, sometimes it’s due to price, but whatever the reason, everyone who stays for any length of time in the capital of Thailand can’t help but absorb the buzz, excitement, variety and sheer joy of just feeling truly alive.


There’s an energy that pulsates throughout Bangkok, and its highly addictive. Covering over 1600 square kilometres, it has traffic to test the patience of a saint, can be incredibly crowded and the heat can be intense at times. But there are few places on earth quite like it, and that’s why there’s a growing number of expats who are calling it home. So where do they live?

The following list is by no means exhaustive, and is not in any particular order. It’s based primarily on client feedback, convenience to transport, healthcare and both day/night entertainment, all of which tend to draw expat communities together. 

Ari (BTS Station: Ari)

Ari has become one of Bangkok’s ‘coolest’ neighbourhoods, and an increasing favourite for expats. It is quieter and cleaner than many other areas of Bangkok, but thanks to its skytrain station on the Sukhumvit Line, it has excellent links to the bustling shopping and entertainment centres. The area has become a hotbed of top class restaurants, together with plenty of quality cafés and street-side eateries. It is also home to a number of great shops which stock a good range of Western food essentials (so you’ll never feel homesick). As with much of Bangkok, there are a number of new residential developments in progress, but fortunately this has not spoiled the relaxed, chilled out atmosphere the area has become known for.

Thonglor (BTS Station: Thong Lo)

A long time favourite of expats, who enjoy its proximity to world class restaurants, retail, nightlife and Benjasri Park. This neighbourhood also surrounds a highly convenient skytrain station on the Sukhumvit Line. With a wide range of high end shopping malls to tempt the baht from your wallet, and equally high end condo’s, it is regarded as one of the more expensive parts of the city to live. It’s also a centre for Japanese cuisine, with superb sushi and ramen available in the area.

Sathorn (BTS Station: Chong Nonsi)

Chatting to an Australian client recently, who is looking to buy a condo in Bangkok, he stated quite clearly that there was nowhere better to live in Bangkok than Sathorn. And if your budget allows, it would probably be the number one neighbourhood for most expats. Whilst luxury condo’s are plentiful, there are older premises available with attractive prices for short and long stays. The area is close to the delightful Lumpini Park, has a great variety of nightlife, restaurants, cafe’s and shops. And whilst it has elements which almost hint at ‘country’ living, you are only a few stops away on the skytrain to top entertainment and the globally recognised shopping malls of Siam, via the Silom Line.

Ekkamai (BTS Station: Ekkamai)

One stop on from the highly popular district of Thonglor, is the more cost effective, but just as convenient neighbourhood of Ekkamai. Whilst the distance between the two locations is measured only in a few minutes, the prices here for rent, food and shopping in general are far more generous. But you’re certainly not lacking in quality, which remains excellent. Another major plus for the area is that it is home to one of the busiest and best connected bus terminals in the city. From Ekkamai you can travel by bus all over the country, and it is particularly convenient for anyone planning trips down to Pattaya.
BTS Station Lines

Lower Sukhumvit (BTS Stations: Asok & Nana)

As mentioned in another blog recently, this neighbourhood is at the very heart of Bangkok’s nightlife entertainment, and as such it can be a bit hard core for some expats, who may enjoy visiting the area, but do not want to live here. This we understand. But it is important to point out that in many of the side soi’s which spring from Sukhumvit Road, there are some delightful, quiet spots, which are home to some well priced, high quality accommodation. The convenience of the area to the best of what Bangkok has to offer is second to none, and there is very little risk you’ll every get bored.

Udom Suk (BTS Station: Udon Suk)

Further down the Sukhumvit Line, the skytrain will take you to Udom Suk. Whilst still classified as being part of the Central Business District, residents feel like they’ve escaped the hectic urban sprawl, and can unwind in a quasi rural environment. Quieter, and much more cost effective than central Bangkok, expats are also conveniently close to the main airport for those long week-ends away to other parts of the country (or the region). Although less built up than other locations on this list, there’s still plenty of shops, food options and entertainment.


This district is home to one of Bangkok’s most famous locations, Khao San Road. Whilst traditionally a haven for those on the backpacker trail, in and around this hive of activity are a number of highly affordable accommodation options (with quality well above the somewhat down at heal hostels). The area has a huge number of food and entertainment options, with some great live music venues and also plenty of markets selling everything your heart could desire. There’s a constant throng of people from all over the world and whilst it lacks a BTS or MRT station, there are plenty of buses, tuks tuks and taxis to get you around the city (just make sure you negotiate a price beforehand).

Plenty of choice

For those planning a longer stay in Bangkok, there really is a fantastic range of accommodation and location alternatives available for expats. So whatever your budget, you’ll always find something that suits your needs.

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Andrew Leeson

Andrew Leeson

Over 20 years of experience helping people live a better life in SE Asia. Having worked in financial services in Asia I understand the challenges when moving to and living in a new country. I have travelled extensively throughout the region and experienced what SE Asia has to offer to retirees.

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