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Tree Change Cambodia

A Cambodian tree change delight…


Escape the fast-paced city life and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Southeast Asia. Experience a “tree change” lifestyle filled with lush green landscapes, vibrant cultures, and a slower pace of life. Recharge and reconnect with nature in this tropical paradise. Make Southeast Asia your next destination for a life-altering change.

Siem Reap and the smaller rural communities of Battambang and Kratie (further to the east), lie near Tonle Sap Lake. As a freshwater lake, it plays a vital role in the agricultural irrigation of the rice paddies amongst other things grown and cultivated in the surrounding provinces. 

Map of Cambodia

At 250 km (155 m) long and 100 km (62 m) wide (25,000 sq km), the Tonle Sap Lake is more like an inland sea being 40 times bigger than Israel’s famous Dead Sea and not salty.

Siam Reap (In a snapshot)

Buses, cars, taxis and trucks connect mainly with Phnom Penh, or internationally from Thailand, Vietnam or Laos. A 4-to-6-hour ferry trip connects with Tonle Sap Lake.

Siem Reap is a cluster of smaller villages that sit on the Siem Reap River and form the main
gateway to the UNESCO listed Angkor Wat temple complex.

It is 319 km to 403 km NE of Phnom Penh, NE of Tonle Sap Lake and connected by the Siem Reap River. To the north are the Dangrek mountain ranges.


Road, river and air access Siem Reap from most of the provincial cities and regions.

Flights either connect via Phnom Penh or international visitors fly in directly from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Ho Chi Minh city.

Buses, cars, taxis and trucks connect mainly with Phnom Penh, or internationally from Thailand, Vietnam or Laos. A 4-to-6-hour ferry trip connects with Tonle Sap Lake. 

Distinctive Architecture of Siem Reap and surrounds

Stilt Houses
Lake Tonle Sap’s famous stilt houses
French Quarter Cambodia
French Quarter No.2
The cost of living in Siem Reap is between 40% to 50% cheaper than Sydney which can stretch a retiree’s budget. An indication of what rental prices are below:
PropertyCBD ($USD)CBD ($AUD)
1 Bed Apart.$400 pcm to $600 pcm$588 pcm to $883 pcm
2 Bed Apart.$500 pcm to $800 pcm$735 pcm to $1,176 pcm
3 Bed Villa$900 pcm to $1,200 pcm$1,324 pcm to $1,765 pcm
PropertyRural ($USD)Rural ($AUD)
1 Bed Apart.$300 pcm to $500 pcm$441 pcm to $735 pcm
2 Bed Apart.$500 pcm to $800 pcm$735 pcm to $1,176 pcm
3 Bed Villa$900 pcm to $1,100 pcm$1,324 pcm to $1,618 pcm

Rental costs are quoted firstly in $US then converted at $AUD 0.68 for longer term accommodation i.e., 12 months. Remember exchange rate can fluctuate therefore impacting the following prices.

Other Regional Tree Change Options: Battambang

A town of approximately 120,000 situated in the Northeast of Cambodia, Battambang was founded in the 11th Century, modernised by the French in the 18th & 19th centuries, and became a popular provincial capital by the Khmer. 

A UNESCO world heritage city nominee due to its impressively preserved French colonial architecture, it serves as a regional hub for its trade, agriculture and tourism endeavours. Battambang is situated on the Sangkae River that meanders its way through Battambang Province before emptying into the larger Tonle Sap lake. Due to its location, it makes a popular land crossing point into Thailand via Poipet on the border and connects through to the southeast Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.
French Quarter Siem Reap
Older style french colonial Kratie home


Famous for the unique and rare Irrawaddy dolphins, the smaller town of 38,215 lies on the banks of the 12 largest river in the world, the 4,909 km Mekong River. The city is dominated by a central marketplace surrounded by old, French colonial buildings.

Mekong River

A beautiful birds eye view of the Mekong river

Kratie’s river shoreline has some big islands along with white sand beaches along the Mekong. The stretch of river north of the city is home to a group of less than 100 rare Irrawaddy dolphins which are the town’s main tourist attraction.

Cost of living savings of between 50% to 60% cheaper for Battambang and Kratie compared with Sydney prices allow your retirement budget to stretch a lot further.

As a guide you would expect to pay between $175 pcm to $331 pcm for a 1,2 or 3 bedroom home outside the town centre and $326 pcm to $535 pcm for 1,2 or 3 bedroom inside the town. 

Beautiful people in an amazing land

Why would you consider choosing Inland Cambodia for a tree change?

The Cambodian cultural and natural wonders have remained under-developed compared to its SE Asian neighbours, therefore allowing retirees to have a truer glimpse of traditional Asian culture.

The happiness and gratitude of the Cambodian people, now that they have a newfound peace and growing prosperity, is infectious. When immersing oneself into the historical, cultural, musical and cuisine diversities of the region, most expat retirees’ experiences are enriched. 

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Jeff Gill

Jeff Gill

With 25 years of travel experience to 73+ countries including SE Asia, Jeff now enjoys helping others retire there. He invites you to experience the people, culture, food and amazing landscapes of the SE Asia region for yourselves.

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