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Welcome to Retire to Asia – Australia’s first full service overseas retirement and lifestyle company.

At Retire to Asia we are dedicated to helping people make the most of their retirement years. Whether you are considering a move to Asia for financial reasons, such as taking advantage of the lower cost of living, or you are looking for added adventure, exploration and excitement in your retirement years, the team at Retire to Asia is here to help you.

One of our primary goals is to ensure that our clients have access to the most up to date and accurate information available on all aspects of their move overseas. Our service covers everything you need to know before, during and after your move. Its been our experience over many years, that getting good advice upfront is essential in avoiding nasty surprises down the track. Our service is therefore designed to make your retirement overseas as stress free as possible, and allow you to really enjoy everything that Asia has to offer.

Retire to Asia is owned and operated by three people with 70 years of combined experience dealing in financial services and expat communities throughout Asia. During this time we have built up an extensive knowledge of the Asian region, and importantly a network of contacts that provide us with ongoing information and services that can assist our clients with retiring to Asia.

Armed with this knowledge, experience and network, plus our passionate interest in the region, we knew running a business like Retire to Asia would be an enjoyable way to spend our working lives, helping people like you to enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.

Our team is always here to help. 

Get started today!

Andrew Leeson

Principal | +61 (0)421 057 00

I have always enjoyed meeting new people and hearing their stories. I am proud to say a by-product of my family and country background. Always having a fascination with the broader new world, I eventually found myself managing a team in Asia, dealing with Australian expat financial issues.

I soon became personally interested in the number of Australian expats that were looking to retire to Asia – and the lack of companies available to assist in this transition. Eventually, I felt it was time to say farewell to the corporate world and build a business for myself. Something personal that I can be proud of and our clients can take comfort from. 

Jeff Gill

Principal | +61 (0)418 483 163

I truly believe that we have a comprehensive, unique, and exciting suite of services and expertise to assist clients make their retirement plans to SE Asia a reality.

Drawing upon 25 years of travel experience to 73 + countries including SE Asia, I now enjoy helping others retire there and personally invite you to experience the people, culture, food, and amazing landscapes that the SE Asian region has to offer.

I have provided professional financial advice to hundreds of individual clients to assist them design, implement and review their own retirement plans to this amazing region. 

The Retire to Asia Mission

At Retire to Asia, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live the life that best suits them. Life is short and time passes so quickly. We want to help people open their minds and hearts to a world of new experiences and adventures and to alleviate the stress of the unknown. 

Retire to Asia aims to be Australia’s premier company in making retirement a time to truly experience life, and for you to be able to cherish every moment of it. To find out more, Contact Retire to Asia on 1800 961 377 or email us at We’ll answer your questions and take you closer to making your dream lifestyle a reality.


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