Don’t lose your Medicare benefits when you live overseas


The Australian government run healthcare system is called Medicare and is available to all Australians and permanent residents of Australia. The Medicare system is one of the most generous systems in the world. Basically, it provides for full cover in the public hospital system and covers a great majority of cost for doctors and consultants.

In addition, access to subsidised, approved medication is available under the state controlled Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

We understand that as we age, access to great healthcare as a reasonable price is a fundamental requirement. So, for most Australians, having access to such a great system like Medicare and its benefits is crucial in providing peace of mind. 

What if I move overseas?

You may lose the benefits of the Medicare system. But usually not immediately and maybe not at all?

This may depend on your tax residency status. The tax residency status will depend on your unique set of circumstances, and while you have some scope to choose your tax residency status, this will depend on your assets, when you plan to sell those assets and where you derive your income. 

Retire to Asia is always here to help

The team at Retire to Asia can help you understand what is needed to know when choosing to live overseas.

We can show strategies in dealing with these issues that are right for your set of circumstances. 

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please feel free to call 1800-961-377 or email in**@re**********.au and let the team at Retire to Asia help make your dream lifestyle a reality.

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