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Fun In Retirement
Andrew Leeson

Save money – have more fun in Retirement in SE Asia

Sitting on the fence whether to make SE Asia your home for a few years? This article expands on the concept of looking at SE Asia as an investment strategy, by highlighting some useful cost differences between ‘home’ and SE Asia. The financials really do stack up. Oh, and it’s in the tropics with great beaches, warm waters and climate and relaxed and friendly people and so much more. Sounds awful.

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Living in SE Asia
Andrew Leeson

Living in Asia As An Investment

Consider living in SE Asia as an investment strategy for early retirement or to limit spending until the Age Pension kicks in. If you own your home, moving to SE Asia can be an ideal option. Enjoy the relaxed tropical climate all year round. Read this article for more information.

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St Agustin Family Trike
Jeff Gill

Care For A Lift – Filipino Style?

Travelling within SE Asia, you often come across some very innovative solutions to the everyday problems that ordinary people face. Problems, that in developed countries, have already been solved and have been made widely available to the community at large.

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