Ubud, The Spiritual Heart of Bali

Jeff Gill


Ubud Bali
Bali remains one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, with its abundance of idyllic natural attractions, rich cultural heritage and excellent transport links to Australia, its no surprise more retirees are now making it their home away from home.

Island Favourites

Retirees to Bali have a wonderful selection of locations when considering where to live on the island. For some, they want to be right on the beach and near to the action, so Seminyak is often a favourite. Those beach lovers who want something a little less hectic often consider somewhere like Sanur. In our recent blog ‘Top 10 Retirement Destinations in Asia for 2017’, it was Ubud that was a stand out for the retirees we speak too.


Ubud, which lies in the regency of Gianyar, is arguably Bali’s spiritual heart. Yes its busy, hot and about an hour from the beach, but its also incredibly beautiful. It offers the retiree a fantastic range of restaurants, bars, cafe’s, boutiques, spas and villas. There is a thriving expat community, eclectic arts scene, diverse festivals and glorious temples, all set amongst a breath taking scenic landscape. The cost of living is generally lower than in the popular beach areas in the South of the island, and for those who love nature and want to embrace healthy living, its hard to imagine a more ideal location.

Cost Of Living in Bali

Whilst living expenses can vary considerably, depending on the individual, you can certainly have a comfortable life in Bali for far less than you would in Australia. Rent is typically 75% cheaper than found in most major Australian cities, restaurants on average are 65% cheaper, and weekly groceries cost you about 35% less. Throw in cheaper utilities (electricity, water, internet, mobile), transport (Taxis, buses) and entertainment (movies, bars, dining) and very quickly the savings start to mount up when making comparisons to what you would expect to pay in Australia.


Of course, another attractive feature of Bali for Australian retirees is its proximity to Australia, and the ease with which they can get cheaply to and from the island. Good competition between airlines means sales are common, and flight times are less than many other retirement locations in South East Asia.

Denpasar is also an excellent hub from which to explore the region, and the airport offers a broad mix of Asian destinations at attractive prices.

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