The Sanctuary of Truth; Naklua, Wong, Amat and North Pattaya

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Sanctuary of Truth

This weeks blog takes us back to our most popular retirement and long stay destination, Thailand. With close to a million Australians visiting every year, it’s no surprise that many return multiple times, and an increasing number are calling it their home. As we’ve mentioned previously, popular locations to settle include Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin and Koh Samui, but for those who enjoy a ‘high octane’ social and entertainment scene, easy access to Bangkok and proximity to the beach, it’s often Pattaya that comes out on top.

However, for anyone planning a longer term stay in this ‘interesting’ city, it’s fair to say that finding accommodation away from the somewhat hectic centre is probably a good idea. And immediately to the north of the city are some of the best areas to reside, and at the heart of the district is the highly impressive (and perhaps slightly unexpected) Sanctuary of Truth.

What is the Sanctuary of Truth?

The Sanctuary is a religious construction, built entirely from wood, and filled with sculptures based on a traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. The top of the building is 105 metres high, and the whole building covers an area of more than two rai (or about 3,200 square metres). It features contemporary visionary art based on religious themes, and construction began in 1981. Whilst impressive as it is now, its not actually expected to be fully completed until 2050!

Aside from the famous nightlife, and Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens, the Sanctuary is without doubt one of the regions top tourist attractions.

Why is Naklua and Wong Amat popular with retirees and long stay expats?

  1. The area has some excellent, high quality condominiums. Popular condo’s with direct beach access include Northpoint, Zire and Sky Beach. On Soi’s 12, 16 and 18 you can get good value accommodation, with reliable management and top notch facilities.
  2. There’s a great range of cafe’s, restaurants and bars, and a abundance of shopping options, from Family Marts through to high end centres. And the choice is only going to get better as the new. Terminal 21 shopping complex is currently under construction, which will be only 5 to 10 minutes away.
  3. It’s a quiet area. Whilst it has entertainment venues in the vicinity, they are away from the condo’s and not in the same league as the noise generated in the central and southern parts of the city
  4. It’s cosmopolitan. There’s a wonderful mix of nationalities in the area, giving Naklua and Wong Amat a truly global feel and a happy buzzy vibe
  5. The proximity to everything Pattaya city has to offer is ideal. Cheap Baht Buses run down the main street, and motor bike taxis are everywhere. There’s easy access to Highway 7 and Highway 36, making the trip Bangkok, Rayong or elsewhere simple.
Pattaya City Thailand

Pattaya City

The broader story

As we’ve touched upon in other blogs, this part of Thailand has a particular appeal to expats who are potentially looking for a busy social scene, with lots of opportunities to join clubs of all kinds, be they sporting, arts, crafts, or just social gatherings. There’s a big expat community who are eager to support newcomers and help them settle in. Cuisine is available from all parts of the world (and at every price point), there are numerous festivals, concerts, regattas and events (both with a local and international flavour).

Other reasons the city is popular is due to a good range of healthcare, from Private and Public Hospitals through to numerous clinics. Medical staff are well trained (often overseas) and a higher percentage speak English (given the size of the expat community). Transport is another major positive. Getting around the city is very easy and cheap, and importantly the city is approximately 90 minutes away from Bangkok’s major airport, which has regular flights back to Australia (and all around the World). 

It’s not for everyone, but the chose is yours.

To use a play on words, “The Sanctuary of Truth” is that Pattaya is not for everyone. It has a well earned reputation, but it also provides the visitor or long stay resident with the opportunity to pick and choose how much exposure they want to its more colourful side. There is so much more to the city than its nightlife.

The areas of Naklua and Wong Amat offer expats a wonderful balance, with a superb quality of life at a highly affordable price, and that’s something many people are increasingly having difficulty finding. 

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please feel free to call 1800-961-377 or email in**@re**********.au and let the team at Retire to Asia help make your dream lifestyle a reality.

Andrew Leeson

Andrew Leeson

Over 20 years of experience helping people live a better life in SE Asia. Having worked in financial services in Asia I understand the challenges when moving to and living in a new country. I have travelled extensively throughout the region and experienced what SE Asia has to offer to retirees.

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